Are you interested in using our club for your next FUNdraiser?
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Crackers extends two different and profitable ways to raise money for your charity or group with a special Comedy FUNdraiser.

OPTION #1: Charity Ticket Vouchers (tailored towards an expectation of 50 or more tickets sold)

Crackers will provide your organization with up to 100 ticket vouchers for a specific Wednesday or Thursday show. Your group sells the tickets at a price set by you (usually between $7-15). All ticket sales will be collected by you.

This is how it works:

* We provide your organization with up to 100 ticket vouchers for a pre-determined Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday regularly scheduled 8:30 pm show. This show is also open to the general public and we will continue to sell tickets at our regular price.

* You set the ticket price for your group (usually between $7-15). Two (2) business days prior to the event, you will turn in all remaining vouchers. For every ticket voucher not turned in of the sold vouchers, your group will be responsible for also turning in our share of the ticket sale and your group keeps all but $5.00.

* This option is open only to those with Non-Profit Tax status.

* We prefer no less than three (3) weeks lead-time, in order to assure the best possible opportunity to raise money for your group.

* Because of some contractual limitations, certain Special Engagement weeks may not be available.

* After the initial 100 ticket vouchers are sold, more can be made available based on availability. When picking up additional tickets, payment for the original 100 is required. The ticket vouchers will have the group or charity name on them, as well as the ticket price and showtime. These vouchers are all general admission vouchers. The purchaser needs to trade them for actual seats at the box office.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Susan at the club – Tuesday thru Saturdays after 11:00 am.

Club: 317-255-4211
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OPTION #2: Private Show FUNdraiser Rental (tailored towards larger events, including catered events, auctions, etc.)

Crackers extends a special FUNdraiser rate for your room rental. The rates will vary week-to-week. Please inquire about specific dates for actual quotes.

The ticket price will be set by your group (usually between $7-15). All ticket sales will be collected by you. A floor plan and tickets will be made available, along with some guidance on how best to sell tickets while maintaining control of the show. As we will normally receive inquires about your event, please leave us ticket purchasing information for our ticket sales personnel. You may consider selling space on the tickets to event sponsors or selling in-house commercials or signage to sponsors (your charity keeps 100%) or having an auction after the show.

The club is available nearly all Wednesdays, Thursdays or Sundays for rental.The show would be closed to the public.

Typically the lounge opens at 7:30 pm to accommodate any early arrivals. Seating for your party begins at 8:00 pm, and the show starts at 8:30 pm. (times can be adjusted to accommodate your group's specific needs.) The showroom is entirely non-smoking, per local smoking laws. Everyone attending must be at least 17 years old with a valid ID.

Crackers maintains a two drink minimum policy. It doesn't have to be alcoholic. During private functions the bar minimum is the responsibility of the party renting the facility.

* The showroom is available for an added fee per additional hour (or partial hour) prior to or immediately following the show. This time may be used for catered functions, auctions, meetings, audio/video presentations, awards, etc. Call for rates.

* Don't forget we have the capability to show your videos (VHS or DVD) prior to or after the show. Let us know of any unique needs you may have to make this a multi-function event. We specialize in catering to special needs before and after the show - just ask!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the club Tuesday thru Fridays after 11:00 am & Saturdays after 12:00pm

Club: 317-255-4211
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