April Macie with TBA: Sep 15-18

April Macie
Do you remember the girl in your high school who had a horrible rumor spread about her? It might have involved a football team, a dog and some peanut butter or processed meat. Well, that girl in Easton, Pennsylvania was April Macie. So, where did she turn for comfort? While some might turn to the Lord, April turned to promiscuity. Promiscuity and then comedy. With her irreverent brand of overtly sexual humor she attempts to break down double-standards and lend her voice to sexually dissatisfied women everywhere. April would like to add that she doesn't really know what irreverent means, but she's heard a lot of other comics use it and thought it sounded kinda' cool.

Shitty childhood. Great adulthood. That's how life worked for April Macie. April Macie travels the world collecting stories and experiences, which she then translates into humorous, relatable tales in front of audiences worldwide. April has been to over 23 countries, 9 of those performing stand-up comedy (not fellatio) for the troops, was a finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing, has appeared on E! Entertainment, Sirius and XM radio, Access Hollywood, Talk Soup and was labeled an "emerging talent to watch" by the Hollywood Reporter at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. April is a regular guest on the Howard Stern show, where she was voted the "Funniest and Hottest" comedian in America. She is currently being featured in the documentary, "I Am Comic" premiering at the 2010 Slamdance Film Festival and she now spends most of her time traveling the United States as a headlining stand-up comedian.

April has slapped a man on the toilet for renting out their home for porn shoots, stood on the N. Korean border, entertained troops next to the detainee camp in Guantanamo Bay, imported a young Englishman for the summer, only to see him turned away at the border months later for overstaying his visa, has had numerous crappy jobs-including: a nanny, Hooter's waitress, clowns assistant, telemarketer-fired from all of them, occasionally smokes weed out of an apple and goes to Chucky Cheese with her friends, LOVES her friends, thinks double standards are bullshit, and would like to change the world by empowering women, "one dick joke at a time." She loves to perform and her favorite role to play is victim. For April, comedy isn't a career, comedy isn't even a choice. Comedy is a calling!! She totally stole that quote from Bernie Mac... but it's soooo great and she truly believes it is her calling.